How to Make Django's ALLOWED_HOSTS work with AWS ELB Health Checks

5 January 2014

How to safely allow internal requests from Elastic Load Balancers work with Django's ALLOWED_HOSTS setting.

Transitioning from Developer to Manager

26 August 2013

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Making the change from coder to coordinator

Managing with Empathy

19 August 2013

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Practical examples of crafting a more productive work environment

My Interview on the Non-breaking Space Show

18 June 2013

This post appears on Non-breaking Space:
Chatting about the Obama campaign, open source software and web development

Hackers: Here to Help

5 June 2013

This post appears on the Company Lab:
A look back at the 2013 National Day of Civic Hacking in Chattanooga

Predicting is the Future

22 May 2013

How big data can empower services that tell us what's next and not just what's happened

My Obama Year

21 February 2013

Thoughts and ramblings about my 15 months as Director of Front-end Development at Obama for America

My DevChatt 2011 Talk: “CSS3 - Possibilities, Best Practices & Pitfalls”

20 June 2011

Notes and slide deck from my presentation on CSS3 at DevChatt 2011

64-bit MAMPP Simplified with Homebrew

28 February 2011

How to get a local development environment running on OS X by using Homebrew.

Monitor Your Websites with Notifications

1 July 2010

How to get notifications to your smartphone when your websites go offline.

Hi Res Mobile CSS for iPhone 4

25 June 2010

How to use @media queries to deliver high resolution graphics to retina displays.

5 Ways to Embrace HTML5 Today

27 March 2010

Notes from my presentation at DevChatt 2010.

Relative Datetime Template Filter for Django

25 January 2010

Django template filter for converting datetime objects to relative time strings.

Django Logout on Inactivity

18 December 2009

Django middleware for logging out a user after a certain amount of inactivity.

Remove www from URLs in Django

1 December 2009

Django middleware for removing "www." from URLs.

Always Use the Best Ampersand Available

17 November 2009

Django template filter for wrapping ampersands in a CSS class for better styling.

Thoughts on HTML Email

23 October 2009

Observations and best practices learned from years of working with HTML email.

Backup Django MySQL Database to Amazon S3

6 September 2009

How to create a simple script for backing up Django databases to Amazon S3.

TextMate XHTML Entity Encoding

22 August 2009

How to configure TextMate to encode HTML entities for valid XHTML.